description : interior design
client : Ila Malù
description : 2018
location : Brescia
pics by : Roncaglione Photographers

The Ila Malù design lab is a multifunctional and multi-brand space inside an historical building, located in Brescia city center. The street level hosts a shop-window facing a public seating in an outside-inside space that opens to the city giving the opportunity to rest and take a look at what happens inside. 

The ground floor is a concept store with custom-made furniture designed to be changed and to host a wide range of everytime different an unexpected products, where all elements – including the cash desk- become displays. Soft colors and simple lines characterize the functional places, in contrast with the monumental staircase and decorated ceiling, all painted in a warm red to underline how the contemporary can and should coexist with the pre-existence.

At the upper floor, a place for events and workshop next to a work-area with a mezzanine for meeting clients. It’s the Ila Malù laboratory where the girl-team designs events, weddings and fashion capsule collections in a constant and vital evolution of contents and ways of expressions.