description : exhibition coordination
project by : Neri & Hu
client : Elle Decor Italia
year : 2018
location : Palazzo Morando, Milan
pics by : Matteo Imbriani

The Elle Decor Grand Hotel is a project that transforms, for two weeks every year since 2016, Palazzo Morando in a contemporary hotel. In every edition, a different architecture studio gives his personal vision on hospitality, designing a special set-up for the ground floor rooms and courtyard of the historical palace in via Sant’ Andrea.

Neri&Hu specifically chose Calvino’s tales “Invisible Cities” as a starting point and quote for their intervention. The imaginative text and themes are translated into architectural spaces: the result is a narrative hotel with 9 unique rooms with a different story to tell. 

The pop-up hotel becomes a prototype of  a “ideal city” in a dense urban environment, where the contaminations between private a public space are always evident, as well as the juxtaposition between Asian and European traditions. Areas are divided by blurred boundaries, underlining the notion of communal spaces which are conceived to offer a shared experience and host meetings to discuss the hospitality industry and design.

We took charge of coordination between Neri&Hu, all companies and suppliers involved in the project in order to organize and realize the exhibition.