description : exhibition coordination
project by : Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel
client : Elle Decor Italia
year : 2017
location : Palazzo Morando, Milan
pics by : Matteo Imbriani

For the second year, Elle Decor Italia is addressing the theme of hotellerie by turning Palazzo Morando into a temporary hotel, offering visitors the chance to try a hospitality experience in a 1:1 scale model of a Grand Hotel. The installation introduces new elements into the definition of interior design, adding functions that aren’t usually found in a hotel. Halls are transformed into spaces that allows forms of socialisation: meeting places open to the city and to word travellers where the use of colour schemes characterise the different environments and define their atmosphere.

The open house should be interpreted as a proposal for a hotel format that’s still in its infancy, which offers a range of very different stimulating experiences constantly refreshed. The installation is focused on the public spaces in order to investigate how hotel life can anchor itself to urban life, by offering exclusive experiences linked to the world of art, culture or music.

We took charge of coordination between architecture studio, all companies and suppliers involved in the project in order to organize and realize the exhibition.