description : exhibition and graphic design
in collaboration with : Karmachina, Angelo Linzalata
client : MUDEC
year : 2018
location : MUDEC, Milan
pics by : Cortili Photo
with the participation of IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Master in Visual Arts for the digital age.

The exhibition is a tale on the frontiers of 20th century explorations, touching mountain summits, sky, space, and the depths of the earth: the latest geographic borders probed by professional explorers. The wide and varied heritage displayed is curated by an interdisciplinary scientific committee including Franco Farinelli, Anna Maria Montaldo, Carolina Orsini and Anna Antonini. The multimedia set-up and the selection of original works bring visitors in a voyage across the adventures experienced by the explorers, such as the legendary conquest of K2 in 1954, Celestino Usuelli’s crossing above the Alps aboard an aerostatic balloon, the observations of Mars and the study of Lombard caves.

The space, divided in two areas, underline the contrast between the dark and the light. The first white room shows mountains and sky adventures, portrayed on illustrated walls that become landscapes. The second area, painted of a deep blue, hosts refractive shapes and enlighted objects showing some important discoveries in caverns and space. The logo shape is inspired by the patches adorning the pioneer’s jackets.