About us

Studio Dune is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Milan, founded by Marina Cinciripini and Giulia Ruzzenenti. The range of projects goes from set design and temporary installation to permanent interior architecture, in order to investigate related fields with different scales.

Both graduated at Politecnico di Milano in Interior Design, they met in 2012 working together in a design studio. In the last years, Giulia focused on contract and retail interiors while Marina designed exhibitions and events, coordinating the realizations of Elle Decor “Grand Hotel” (editions: 2017, 2018) and Milan Design Week Elle Decor Exhibitions (editions: 2018, 2019).

The curiosity, dynamism and desire to always discover are the studio main features, being what bring Marina and Giulia together. The dune is the symbol of a semi-permanent natural architecture, made of simple and dazzling material, that always assumes different shapes, changing but being present.

A great attention is also given to the quality of projects, following the production process in detail, and to the quality of relationship, taking care of clients desires and collaborators needs. Humanity is the basis.

Our clients are: Elle Decor Italia, Mudec, Imersa, Pomandère, Mini Living, Ila Malù